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Free Songs – '46 Caddy


Here are the songs for our '46 Caddy recording.
Click to listen or download (they're all MP3s):

'46 Caddy - ©2007-2009 Richard Burkett (lyrics PDF)
Windy Ridge
- ©2000-2009 Richard Burkett (lyrics PDF)
Holy Ghost
©2001 - Don Hickox
Run with the Coyotes
- ©2008-2009 Dale Desmuke
French Roast - ©1996 Richard Burkett
Despair and Misery - ©2009 Richard Burkett (lyrics PDF)
End of the Line - ©2009 Dale Desmuke
Too Much Time - ©2009 Richard Burkett (lyrics PDF)
Oh Zefa - © 2000-2009 Richard Burkett (lyrics PDF)
   (NOTE: these files are all about 3-5 Mbytes in size)

Or click here: '46 Caddy CD (large file - 38 Mbytes)
to download all the songs at once as a ZIP archive of MP3 files.

You can easily import these songs into iTunes, too.









Click the CD cover photo below to download a printable PDF file
with the cover photo, song list, and band info that can be cut
and folded to fit your CD case if you want to burn your own CD.

46 Caddy cover image

Contact Richard Burkett if you'd like to have Gone Tomorrow play for your event:
phone: 619-518-3019

Download a larger version of our publicity photo of the version of the band on this recording: Gone Tomorrow photo (852K jpg image - large enough for publication use)